Some of my Clients Partners Friends

MPS64 Ltd.

MPS64 Ltd. is a transport and warehouse company based in London UK.

Zlatnoto Pile

Zlatnoto Pile is a local physical store in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria, that sells grilled chicken and vegetables.

Mariya Valeva

Mariya has over 15 years of experience in graphic design, the last 9 of which are freelance. She's taken other challenges over the years. She has been engaged in outdoor advertising, working with digital program milling, projects and production of interior, stained glass, 3d design, etc.

Prolet Ltd.

Prolet Ltd. are the biggest and most modern enterprise for production of hand bags and leather accessories in Bulgaria. Prolet was established in the far 1964.

Brooklyn Fashion

Brooklyn Fashion is a clothing company, producing quality clothing for women and children.

4 Advertising Agency

4 Advertising Agency is a project created at the end of 2011 with main services focussed on print design and printing quality advertising materials. A year later they added to their services the design and production of outdoor advertising materials, as well as corporate gifts.

NOVA Insurance Agency

The team in NOVA insurance agency has a common vision about the future of insurance. They believe in a world with no challanges for insurance. They have a mission to turn insurance into a smart, safe and easy service for everyone.

Kristi Fashion

Kristi Fashion are a clothing producer. Their focus is on producing clothes with a mission and a positive message. Their goal is to not only produce clothing, but produce something with a positive message, that anyone of us can pass forward.